Tuesday, September 23, 2014

JavaScript for OS X Automation

JavaScript for OS X Automation | Hacker News:

Here is some of the new JavaScript syntax:

Here is what it looks like in AppleScript
    tell application "Mail"
        set msgs to every outgoing message whose subject is 'JavsScript'
    end tell

Apple's Biggest Announcement Yet Isn't About Phones Or Watches - Telerik Developer NetworkTelerik Developer Network

After Microsoft made JavaScript "first class" programming language for WinRT (Windows 8.x apps), now even Apple made it able to create Mac scripts / apps. 

The reactive manifesto

The reactive manifesto:

"We believe that a coherent approach to systems architecture is needed, and we believe that all necessary aspects are already recognised individually: we want systems that are:

  • Responsive, 
  • Resilient, 
  • Elastic and 
  • Message Driven. 

We call these Reactive Systems. 

Systems built as Reactive Systems are more flexible, loosely-coupled and scalable. This makes them easier to develop and amenable to change. They are significantly more tolerant of failure and when failure does occur they meet it with elegance rather than disaster. Reactive Systems are highly responsive, giving users effective interactive feedback."

ideas: Promise Theory

The promise of Promise Theory: The O'Reilly Radar Podcast - O'Reilly Radar:
"Promise theory is ... to analyze distributed systems" (vs. top-down control)

In the second segment, Geoffrey Moore talks about the technology adoption lifecycle and outlines a modern approach to his Crossing the Chasm theory.

"Promise theory is a model of voluntary cooperation between individual, autonomous actors or agents who publish their intentions to one another in the form of promises.
A promise is a declaration of intent whose purpose is to increase the recipient's certainty about a claim of past, present or future behavior."

IoT: Platform for the Internet of Things?

interesting discussion...

Inside Solid: who will build the god platform for the Internet of Things? - O'Reilly Radar:
"It’s tempting to look for analogy in mobile phone platforms, where Apple was initially dominant and now enjoys an extremely lucrative and influential minority position against Android. There are some crucial differences, though."

IoT: Huawei += UK IoT pioneer Neul - $25

Huawei snaps up UK IoT pioneer Neul - Rethink Wireless:

"Huawei has announced a deal in the latter category, paying $25m for UK-based IoT specialist Neul.

Neul (the Gaelic world for 'cloud') developed a connectivity platform called Weightless. Although initially tested in various applications, it was increasingly dedicated to IoT applications, providing the air interface for ultra-low power, spectrally efficient connections for objects such as smart meters, city lighting and many others"

Huawei’s U.S. competitors among those pushing for scrutiny of Chinese tech firm - The Washington Post

Huawei - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fall Equinox – Autumnal Equinox

September equinox 2014:
September 23, at 02:29 UTC

Fall Equinox – Autumnal Equinox:
"in the northern hemisphere, the fall equinox marks the first day of fall (autumn) in what we call astronomical seasons. There's also another, more common definition of when the seasons start, namely meteorological definitions, which are based on average temperatures rather that astronomical events."

"big data of nature :)"

Illustration image

Autumn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia