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ts-sql-query is a type-safe query builder that provides a way to build dynamic SQL queries in a type-safe way, that means, the TypeScript compiler verifies the queries.

Type-safe SQL means the mistakes writting a query will be detected during the compilation time. With ts-sql-query you don't need to be affraid of change the database, the problems caused by the change will be detected during compilation time.

ts-sql-query supports MariaDB, MySql, Oracle, PostgreSql, Sqlite and SqlServer. Note: this is not an ORM, and the most probably is you don't need one.

You can find a complete example using ts-sql-query with PostgreSQL in the file PgExample.ts. You can browse the examples folder to see an example for each supported database using different ways to connect to it.
let ii = await connection
                { firstName: 'John', lastName: 'Smith', companyId: 1 },
                { firstName: 'Other', lastName: 'Person', companyId: 1 },
                { firstName: 'Jane', lastName: 'Doe', companyId: 1 }

        assertEquals(ii, [1, 2, 3])

 let names = await connection

        assertEquals(names, ['ACME', 'FOO'])

Cloud-Oriented Programming language: "Wing"

not a good interview (slow and disorganized), but an interesting tool

from creator of AWS CDK, a new 

custom prog. language that compiles to Terraform + TypeScript, something like that... 

 Cloud-Oriented Programming (Part 2) with Elad Ben-Israel - Software Engineering Daily

Wing Programming Language

"Infrastructure and code in one language"

Welcome! | Wing (docs)

bring cloud;

let queue = new cloud.Queue(timeout: 2m);
let bucket = new cloud.Bucket();
let counter = new cloud.Counter(initial: 100);

queue.add_consumer(inflight (body: str): str => {
let next =;
let key = "myfile-${next}.txt";
bucket.put(key, body);