Friday, December 23, 2011

AI Class - Statement of Accomplishment

I have just received Statement of Accomplishment for successfully completed
Advanced Track of Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
online class with a score of 97.1%.

The class was held by Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig,
Stanford professors and also working for Google.
The program of the class is same as regular Stanford class by same professors,
except for programming assignments that are not graded for online class.
The online class and results are not associated with Stanford University.
Here is an article about AI-class and teachers.

This was a great (mostly nightly) learning and 10-week experience!
More than 160 000 people world-wide have signed up for this class!
There was a lot of discussion on online forums and

To help myself review materials (an reduce making notes) I have also developed
a simple web site to extract "close captioning" text from YouTube API

The future of education includes interactive videos for sure!
They are much better, at least for me, than "classic" lectures.
Not to mention opportunity to learn from some of the best, at your own pace.

Here are some early Statistics. There were about 20,000 who finished the advanced track:
low - high | number | percentile
0.0 - 86.9 | 10,000 | bottom 50%
87.0 - 93.5 | 5,000 | top 50%
93.6 - 97.6 | 3,000 | top 25%
97.7 - 98.8 | 1,000 | top 10%
98.9 - 99.9 | 800 | top 5%
100.0 | 200 | top 1%

above 87%, the data is very linear, approximated by this equation: percentile = score * 3.773 - 278.649

With my 97.1% that is apparently in "top 12.3%"...

Machine Learning - Stanford free classes

Machine Learning Class

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There is an option to speed-up videos 1.2 and 1.5 times :)

Professor Andrew Ng is Director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab, the main AI research organization at Stanford, with 20 professors and about 150 students/post docs. At Stanford, he teaches Machine Learning, which with a typical enrollment of 350 Stanford students, is among the most popular classes on campus.

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All based on videos hosted on YouTube, with custom web front apps.

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