Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bill and Melinda Gates @ Stanford

Bill and Melinda Gates made a remarkably personal plea for graduates to pursue more than profit - Quartz:

Bill and Melinda Gates' 2014 Stanford Commencement Address - YouTube

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005 - YouTube

Azure Security: Red vs. Blue teams

Red vs. Blue - Internal security penetration testing of Microsoft Azure:

"Scott hears from John Walton all about the full time security testers that attack Azure and find (and plug!) security holes, keeping our sites safe"

Microsoft has full-time hackers employed trying to both break the system ("red team") and detect break-ins ("blue team"). Occasionally they get together to compare notes...  

edu: Udacity "Nanodegrees"

Nanodegrees: A New Kind Of Credential For Jobs in Technology - Udacity:

  • Front-End Web Developer 
  • Back-End Web Developer 
  • iOS Developer 
  • Data Analyst

"AT&T is offering scholarships and up to 100 internships underscores our firm commitment to the potential of nanodegrees to build a pipeline of talented workers for our future workforce."