Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Google "Knowledge Graph"

Google Revamps Search, Creates Knowledge Graph - Search Engines - News & Reviews -

Google on May 16 began rolling out the latest generation of its dominant search engine, introducing what officials are calling the Knowledge Graph.

The Knowledge Graph is designed to offer users an improved search experience by not only doing a better job of finding exactly what they are searching for, but also by then presenting the users with more information related to their searches. If a user searches for Leonardo da Vinci, they not only will get information about him, but information about his paintings and other works, and information about other Renaissance figures...

Google is leveraging a database of more than 500 million objects, and more than 3.5 billion facts not only about those objects, but also the relationship between them. Google engineers have gone back and looked at what users have searched for and what they have been asking about for each item.

Google reportedly was able to leverage the technology it inherited in 2010 when it bought Metaweb, which had developed a knowledge base, dubbed Freebase, in developing Knowledge Graph.
Metaweb Founder(s): Danny Hillis, Robert Cook

As expected and predicted many years ago, Google is in fact implementing "Semantic Web" vision of W3C, and this is being done in a practical, engineering way.

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