Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Nissan Frontier - Mountain Ride - YouTube

Nissan Frontier - Mountain Ride - YouTube

HTTP 2.0 First Draft Published

HTTP 2.0 First Draft Published @ InfoQ

HTTP 2.0 draft is a copy of Google's SPDY spec.

SDPY is significantly more efficient that HTTP 1.1 (current standard),
and is already used by Google, Amazon and other web sites,
as well as many web browsers.

SPDY is an HTTP compatible protocol launched by Google and supported in Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Amazon Silk browsers.

Electric Car Recharging "Billionaires War"

How Two Billionaires Are Supercharging The Electric Car To Upend Big Oil - Forbes

Option 1: Tesla Motors, "supecharge" in 30 minutes, "for free"

Option 2: Beter Place, replacing batteries in a few minutes.

The deal: what will China select, since they already have a plan to "go electric"

Warren Buffett, 10% investor in China's batteries and car maker BYD, is with Tesla Motors.

Better Place is currently only working with Reanult/Nissan, in Israel and Denamark...

Very interesting!

Superstorm Sandy helps Auto Sales

U.S. auto sales zoom in wake of Superstorm Sandy - latimes.com:
"Automakers sold more than 1.1 million vehicles last month, a 15% gain over November 2011. Bolstered by shoppers replacing some of the 250,000 vehicles estimated to have been destroyed by Sandy, that translated into a seasonally adjusted annual rate of about 15.5 million, the highest since January 2008, according to industry research firm Autodata Corp."