Thursday, January 15, 2015

node.js fork io.js version 1.0 released

Node.js fork io.js hits version 1.0 – but don't call it production-ready • The Register:

"The io.js JavaScript software development runtime, a fork of Node.js, has reached version 1.0, lapping the version numbering of the original project on which it was based.

Prominent Node.js developer Feodr Indutny created io.js in December 2014 after clashing with Joyent, the company that maintains Node.js, over the project's governance model. The io.js project is not managed by any one company, but is instead maintained by a technical committee.

With the release of io.js 1.0.1 on Tuesday, io.js is not only compatible with more than 110,000 Node.js modules (aka npm modules) but also features capabilities not yet found in Node.js, the preview release of which is only on version number 0.11.14.

The io.js developers are quick to point out, however, that the change in version numbering doesn't mean the new release is more mature or stable than Node.js."