Saturday, October 21, 2023

VSCode plugin: Paste Image

 Paste Image - Visual Studio Marketplace

Paste image directly from clipboard to markdown/asciidoc(or other file)!

Support Mac/Windows/Linux! And support config destination folder.

mushanshitiancai/vscode-paste-image: paste image from clipboard to markdown/asciidoc directly! @GitHub

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang conversation

WOW! Excellent interview, very inspiring and informative!

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang: The Complete History and Strategy @ Acquired podcast

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang - YouTube

...founder and CEO of Nvidia the company powering this whole AI explosion at the
time of recording Nvidia is worth $1.1 trillion and is the sixth most valuable
company in the entire world and right now is a crucible moment for the company
expectations are set high I mean sky high they have about the most impressive strategic
position and lead against their competitors of any company that we've ever studied...

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Nvidia: The Dawn of the AI Era: The Complete History and Strategy 

"...Over the past 18 months Nvidia has weathered one of the steepest stock crashes in history ($500B+ market cap wiped away peak-to-trough!). And, it has of course also experienced an even more fantastical rise — becoming the platform that’s powering the emergence of perhaps a new form of intelligence itself… and in the process becoming a trillion-dollar company.
Today we tell another chapter in the amazing Nvidia saga: the dawn of the AI era."