Thursday, July 07, 2016

cloud: samsung += Joyent

Samsung Acquires Cloud Provider Joyent @ InfoQ

"Samsung has acquired Joyent, the public cloud provider positioning itself as a container-native cloud platform. The buyout gives Samsung an immediate cloud presence, and the potential to build an integrated back-end platform to support its consumer-facing devices. For Joyent, there is the potential for rapid growth if Samsung invest to expand the reach of the service. As Forbes observes, potentially the biggest attraction for both parties is the ability to offer an end-to-end experience in the Internet of Things space: “IoT is expected to be at the center of Samsung’s strategy.

Wired described Joyent as 'the best-kept secret in cloud computing'.

...running SmartOS, Joyent’s proprietary, but open-source, operating system built on Solaris. The choice of Solaris over a Linux distribution comes from Joyent’s engineering history – many of the team worked at Sun Microsystems. With Solaris comes Solaris Zones, a containerization technology that pre-dates Docker by almost ten years.
Joyent brings years of experience with Node.js (it was the project’s custodian before creating the Node.js Foundation)"

Architecting IoT

Architecting for the IoT | VoltDB
"This O’Reilly report examines the critical role operational databases play in that convergence."