Tuesday, April 09, 2013

GitHub: How Great Leaders Serve Others

Yet Another Podcast #94–Phil Haack: Git | Jesse Liberty

Besides useful links for using Git and GitHub,
an interesting discussion about "no management" structure of GitHub company,
and virtues of empowering people.

Phil cited a TEDx talk of a commander of a nuclear-powered submarine
"We got a crew trained for compliance, and we got a captain trained for the wrong ship,
and that was a deadly combination"
So he "turned the ship around" to just communicate intent
and empower people to make right decisions.
And the ship tuned "from worst to first"...

Deceptive simplicity of async and await

Deceptive simplicity of async and await:
"By introducing the new async/await keywords in C# 5 and by adding asynchronous APIs in .NET 4.5, Microsoft significantly lowered the bar for entering into the realm of the asynchronous programming. However, while presenting the new features of the upcoming .NET Framework release, answering the questions and helping to resolve the first issues I came to realization that this bar might be set too low."

In fact, hiding actual functionality in some cases is creating problems,
in particular when mixing with GUI events, when dynamic GUI depends on async data.
Even a simple thing as reading a text file is not simple at all.