Tuesday, May 06, 2014

new Chromebooks, Chromebox

Intel and Google boast 11-hour battery life with upcoming Chromebooks | Ars Technica:

Lenovo announces consumer N20 Chromebooks
Chromebook with touchscreen and 300-degree hinge
lenovochromebook primary

Announcing the ASUS Chromebox ($179)

Chromebox for Meetings (i7, $999)

Silicon Valley’s Bubble

Soft Spots: Five Places Where Silicon Valley’s Bubble Could Pop | Xconomy:

  • easy money collapse
  • real estate / rent prices
  • young vs experienced
  • earthquake or flood
  • poor vs wealthy
In all, high stock prices depend on an illusion of stability.
Any disturbance could bring them down, with usual "collateral damage"

ideas: Revitalize a City - The Long Now

podcast: Tony Hsieh: Helping Revitalize a City - The Long Now: (Seminar on Long Term Thinking)

"Edward Glaeser’s book The Triumph of the City described how cities unfold forever, driven by density and intense variety, while companies all eventually go stagnant and die. Maybe immersion in a downtown could help keep his company unfolding, and maybe bringing company start-up culture to a decaying urban core could restart its vitality. 

Zappos bet the company on the idea. They took over the abandoned city hall in the 

dead-end part of Las Vegas known as Fremont East and spent $200 million buying up nearby properties, $50 million on local small businesses, $50 million on tech start-ups, and $50 million on education, arts, and culture. 

Hsieh’s strategy is to increase: 

  • “Collisions” (serendipitous encounters); 
  • “Co-learning” (a community teaching itself); and 
  • “Connectedness” 

(density, diversity, and reasons to engage)."