Sunday, April 02, 2017

IoT: Amazon Dash Button (2 years)

Amazon Dash Button, Official Site, $4.99 Credit After First Press Help: Set Up Your Dash Button Device

"When you receive your Dash Button, you have to set it up. That's where the microphone comes in, as the Dash needs to know how to connect to your Wi-Fi network. The Amazon app on iOS or Android sends this information to the Dash Button using ultrasonic audio signals. You can't hear these high-frequency noises, but your phone, the Dash Button (and possibly your dog) can. Pressing and holding the button puts the Dash Button into a special mode that turns on the microphone and allows the Amazon App to send it this information.
The Dash Button isn't the only way that Amazon is looking to make life easier (and thus make you more dependent on them, of course). The latest innovation the company is offering is a new Dash device that can scan barcodes. To order something with this, just scan the barcode, hit the button and Amazon will search their product list, find it and ship it out to you. You can also order a product without the barcode by hitting the microphone button and speaking the name: Amazon's Alexa voice recognition system will try and recognize the name and add it to your shopping cart."