Monday, November 25, 2013

ASP.NET MVC Dependency Injection

ASP.NET MVC 4 Dependency Injection : The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site:
Dependency Injection diagram

Azure vs. AWS

Microsoft is trying hard in the clouds...

The best cloud platform - Windows Azure vs. AWS | Windows Azure:

Cloud Server Performance: A Comparative Analysis of 5 Large Cloud IaaS Providers | Cloud Spectator

Service Stack + ASP.NET MVC

ServiceStack MVC PowerPack!
Open source .NET and Mono web services framework (Service Stack)
"Upgrade to a cleaner, faster, REST API-enabled ASP.NET MVC"

Home · ServiceStack/ServiceStack Wiki · GitHub

ServiceStack/ServiceStack · GitHub

ServiceStack/ServiceStack.Examples · GitHub

Agile Hadoop development

From creator of Hadoop, now architect at Cloudera:

Doug Cutting: Why Hadoop is still No. 1 - SD Times: Software Development News:

"The way Cloudera is prioritizing its engineering efforts is to require there to be a specific customer who needs any new thing that's added. We make a laundry list of things we might do, and then we go and attach customers to it. The one with the most customers gets done."