Saturday, November 06, 2021

gRPC with node.js

grpc - npm search

grpc/grpc-node: gRPC for Node.js

C-based Client and Server
Directory: packages/grpc-native-core (lives in the grpc@1.24.x branch) (see here for installation information)

npm package: grpc.

This is the existing, feature-rich implementation of gRPC using a C++ addon. It works on all LTS versions of Node.js on most platforms that Node.js runs on.

Pure JavaScript Client

Directory: packages/grpc-js

npm package: @grpc/grpc-js

This library implements the core functionality of gRPC purely in JavaScript, without a C++ addon. It works on the latest version of Node.js on all platforms that Node.js runs on.

const grpc = require('@grpc/grpc-js');

Cloudflare R2 vs. Amazon S3

The Cloudcast: Innovator's Dilemma - Part 1

Announcing Cloudflare R2 Storage: Rapid and Reliable Object Storage, minus the egress fees

Cloudflare R2 Storage includes full S3 API compatibility, working with existing tools and applications as built

The Innovator’s Dilemma (Clayton Christensen)

The Bandwidth Alliance is a group of forward-thinking cloud and networking companies that are committed to discounting or waiving data transfer (also known as bandwidth) fees for shared customers.

bandwidth alliance hero illustration