Tuesday, November 15, 2022

libsql: fork of SQLite

by Founder and CEO of ChiselStrike. Join me! https://github.com/chiselstrike/chiselstrike.

GitHub - libsql/libsql: libSQL is a fork of SQLite that is both Open Source, and Open Contributions.

libSQL is an open source, open contribution fork of SQLite. We aim to evolve it to suit many more use cases than SQLite was originally designed for.

We want to see a world where everyone can benefit from all of the great ideas and hard work that the SQLite community contributes back to the codebase. Community contributions work well, because we’ve done it before. If this was possible, what do you think SQLite could become?

SQLite is gaining ground in edge use cases, since it is fast, embeddable, and matches well the read-mostly, low-to-medium volume of data use cases that often arise at the edge. But there is still the problem of how to make the data available in all nodes.

That is challenging to do without support from the core database. Without proper hooks, existing solutions either build a different database around SQLite (like dqlite, rqlite, ChiselStore), or have to replicate at the filesystem layer (LiteFS).

What if we could do it natively?

SQLite does support user-defined functions. But there are two big problems with how they are approached: first, functions are written in C, which is increasingly becoming a tall ask for most developers with safety in mind. WASM is growing in popularity, allowing developers to write functions in their preferred language and be safely executed.

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