Monday, March 30, 2015

IoT: iBeacon

a very informative podcast interview
iBeacon Development with Greg Shackles @ .NET Rocks!
"Bluetooth low energy devices can operate in an advertisement mode to notify nearby devices of its presence. [25] At the most simple form, an iBeacon is a Bluetooth low energy device emitting advertisement following a strict format, that being an Apple defined iBeacon prefix, followed by a variable UUID, and a major, minor pair.[26]An example iBeacon advertisement frame could look like:"
fb0b57a2-8228-44 cd-913a-94a122ba1206 Major 1 Minor 2

"The Physical Web is not shipping yet nor is it a Google product. This is an early-stage experimental project and we're developing it out in the open as we do all things related to the web. This should only be of interest to developers looking to test out this feature and provide us feedback.

The Physical Web is an effort to extend the core superpower of the web - the URL - to everyday physical objects. Our core premise is that you should be able to walk up to any “smart” physical object (e.g. a vending machine, a poster, a toy, a bus stop, a rental car) and interact with it without first downloading an app. The user experience of smart objects should be much like links in a web browser: i.e., just tap and use.

At its base, the Physical Web is a discovery service: a smart object broadcasts relevant URLs that any nearby device can receive. This simple capability can unlock exciting new ways to interact with the Web."

Similar to QR code that could include URL, each "beacon" could transmit its unique URL.
But it would be even better if this includes some security...