Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Rules for successful presentations

James Whittaker: How to change the way people think in four easy steps

"Rule #1: Come out swinging"
"The only time people will ever give you their attention –
 where you don’t have to earn it, they just give it to you –
 is the first 30 seconds of a presentation.”

Rule #1.5: "Attention span interlude"
“Every six minutes, include something of high interest.
That’s the length of the average human attention span.”

Rule #2: "Know your 'shit'"
“People connect with speakers who have passion –
who are really in love with their subject.
You inherit some of that love from them.”

Rule #3: "Make it Epic"
“Albert Einstein said, 

‘Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.’
Quote powerful people.
You can assume some of the power of those you quote.”

Rule #4: "Be brief. Be bright. Be gone."
“Avoid long and tiresome summaries.”

blog: James Whittaker — Medium

link from: Presenting and Career Super Powers - MS Dev Show Podcast

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