Saturday, December 07, 2013

TED: 8 secrets of success - Richard St. John

Success book, 8 secrets of success by Richard St John
8 to be Great Poster - White

Richard St. John: 8 secrets of success | Video on
Have to love what you do,
and persist trough

▶ 8 traits of successful people - Richard St. John - YouTube

▶ The power of passion - Richard St. John - YouTube
8 Secrets of success - YouTube

TED: Great leaders start with "why" by Simon Sinek

"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it."

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action | Video on
"Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership all starting with a golden circle and the question "Why?" His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers ... "

book's site: Start With Why

Simon Sinek - How great leaders inspire action, the golden circle
Simon Sinek: finding the why behind the what and how, how great leaders inspire action
book: Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action: Simon Sinek, Gildan Author: 9781596597600: Books

Servers: Scaling Up or Out

Scaling Up | Max De Marzi:

A graph database (Neo4j) is best served by keeping all data on one machine.
Following linked data does not work well over network connections,
that are very slow compared to in-memory.
Plus there is a price of software for each server...
So what is the biggest "box" that can be built, and a what price?


Coding Horror: Scaling Up vs. Scaling Out: Hidden Costs

Three years later, Mr. Moore is still letting us punt on database sharding by David of 37signals

TED: Levitating superconductor - Quantum Locking

Boaz Almog: The levitating superconductor | Video on
"How can a super-thin 3-inch disk levitate something 70,000 times its own weight? In a riveting demonstration, Boaz Almog shows how a phenomenon known as quantum locking allows a superconductor disk to float over a magnetic rail -- completely frictionlessly and with zero energy loss"

Android 4.4 (KitKat) update for Nexus devices

Android 4.4 (KitKat) update for Nexus devices - Nexus Help:

The new Nexus 5 comes with Android 4.4 pre-installed.

Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 will be receiving the Android 4.4 update.

Galaxy Nexus will not be receiving the Android 4.4 update. 

Galaxy Nexus, which first launched two years ago, falls outside of the 18-month update window when Google and others traditionally update devices.

Android is not like Windows. No support for "older" devices... 
You get what you (don't) pay for... a free OS, not much support...

Ken Burns effect with Javascript and Canvas

Ken Burns effect with Javascript and Canvas:

Ken Burns effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ken Burns - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia