Friday, April 10, 2015

JavaScript Web Tools with VS 2015 and ASP.NET 5

Very good article (115 pages) about set of web tools included in new VS 2015 and ASP.NET 5

Download Paper: JavaScript Web Tools with Visual Studio 2015 and ASP.NET 5 from Official Microsoft Download Center
"This document contains a set of articles that introduce the most commonly used JavaScript/frontend web development tools (libraries, task runners, frameworks…). Frontend development ecosystem is growing fast and getting complex, and we hope this brief doc will help you put the pieces together and decide on the ones that best fit your needs."
  • Grunt and Gulp. JavaScript task runners
  • Bower. Package Manager
  • Bootstrap. Responsive Web Framework
  • Less, Sass & Font Awesome. Styling applications.
  • TypeScript. Enterprise-scale JavaScript
  • Knockout.js . MVVM JavaScript Library
  • Backbone.js. MVC Library
  • Angular.js. SPA Framework.
  • ReactJS. Reusable UI Components. 
ASP.NET Single Page Application | The ASP.NET Site

data visualization: Tesla Model S popular colors

This is Tesla’s most popular car color - MarketWatch

"In North America these days, white is the color of choice for 24% of luxury cars, with black a close second at 22%, Harrington-Durst said. Silver is No. 3 at 20%.

In Europe, black reigns supreme in the luxury car segment — it’s the color of choice for 50% of luxury cars, followed by white (16%) and silver (10%).

In North America, black and white are tied as the top color for 20% of sports cars, with red No. 2, at 17%, and blue at 12%, Harrington-Durst said. Europeans prefer their sports cars to be white (27%), with black No. 2 at 19%."