Saturday, December 24, 2011

Education For All

Education For All
a website developed to facilitate informal tertiary education. Educational resources especially open courseware available on the web are selected, organized and integrated into a meaningful and coherent context - somewhat akin to a virtual university. This platform will make it easier for learners to engage with the vast and overwhelming information and knowledge resources available online.

The educational resources are aggregated from top universities such as MIT, Stanford, Yale and Berkeley and many other sources and consist of video recordings of lectures, lecture notes, slideshows, reading lists, and online books"

OSCON 2011 - Slides & Videos

Speaker Slides & Video: OSCON 2011 - O'Reilly Conferences, July 25 - 29, 2011, Portland, OR

Interesting presentations, including some slides & videos

Here is one of presentations (a keynote: Adrian Cockcroft, "Data Flow at Netflix"

Netflix’s built a tool called “Chaos Monkey” to ensure that individual components work independently. Chaos Monkey randomly kills instances and services within Netflix’s AWS infrastructure to help developers to make sure each individual component returns something even when system dependencies aren’t responding.