Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Energy Internet" : Jeremy Rifkin : The Third Industrial Revolution

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A very compelling story... and very interesting person...

Jeremy Rifkin has recognized that society is shaped by energy,
and that world has started transition from second industrial revolution,
based on centralized energy production (coal, oil, nuclear...)
to a whole new paradigm of distributed, green, energy creation and consumption.

Along the way of this revolution, many things are changing,
and Europe and Germany are apparently leading the technology wave...
By the way, Jeremy is main adviser of EU on energy topi
In his assessment, when Americans learn the story,
they could embrace and lead this new revolution...

Rifkin's "third" industrial revolution is based on "five pillars:"
  1. A general shift to renewable energy.
  2. Micro-generation of clean energy in homes, offices and other buildings.
  3. Hydrogen and other forms of energy storage in homes and throughout the economy
  4. an "Internet-like" smart energy grid "InterGrid" that would allow individuals to generate power and then distribute it, and
  5. Conversion of transportation away from fossil fuels to electric plug-in or hydrogen fuel cells.

Jeremy Rifkin:

From another book from the same author: The Empathic Civilisation @ YouTube Jeremy Rifkin on "the empathic civilization" @ TED

interview @ SFGate In his latest book, The Third Industrial Revolution, economist and author Jeremy Rifkin argues that the crash of the US housing market was not the proximate cause of the Great Recession, but was instead an aftershock of crude oil hitting a price of $147 per barrel oil in July 2008 – 60 days prior to the crash of the financial markets.