Monday, March 20, 2017

WWW 21 years ago

Kako su izgledali sajtovi pre 20 godina? | PC Press (in Serbian language)
21+ years ago I wrote a simple "web crawler" tool,
to help download web pages of then popular web sites
to be added to a CD that was included with popular book "Internet" that I co-authored. Thanks to Dragan Vecerina who tirelessly managed and used then quite unreliable network connections we did download many of those sites, way before Google even existed... Good times...

PC Press: book Internet

Here are state-of-the-art Apple and Microsoft web sites from 1995 :)

Visual Studio 2017 Poster

Visual Studio 2017 Poster | The Visual Studio Blog

Visual Studio 2017 Poster (web)

Visual Studio 2017 keyboard shortcuts

This one poster shows off what’s new in Visual Studio 2017 | On MSFT

Azure Managed Disks

Azure Managed Disks Deep Dive, Lessons Learned and Benefits – Rumors about Azure, SQL Server & Data in the Cloud….

Visual Studio 2017 - MS Dev Show Podcast