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Perplexity.AI: Seach, Answering

"Where knowledge begins"

Aravind Srinivas: Perplexity CEO on Future of AI, Search & the Internet | Lex Fridman Podcast #434 - YouTube

Arvind Srinivas is CEO of Perplexity, a company that aims to revolutionize how we humans find answers to questions on the Internet

#434 – Aravind Srinivas: Perplexity CEO on Future of AI, Search & the Internet | Lex Fridman Podcast - Wikipedia

Perplexity AI is an AI chatbot-powered research and conversational search engine that answers queries using natural language predictive text.[2][3] Launched in 2022, Perplexity generates answers using sources from the web and cites links within the text response.[4] Perplexity works on a freemium model; the free product uses Anthropic's Claude 3 Haiku model combined with the company's standalone large language model (LLM) that incorporates natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, while the paid version Perplexity Pro has access to GPT-4, Claude 3, Mistral Large, Llama 3 and an Experimental Perplexity Model.[3][4][1] As of early 2024, it has about 10 million monthly users.

Perplexity - Wikipedia

In information theory, perplexity is a measure of uncertainty in the value of a sample from a discrete probability distribution. The larger the perplexity, the less likely it is that an observer can guess the value which will be drawn from the distribution.

rust-free concrete: Fiberglas Rebar | Owens Corning

Concrete: A Ticking Time Bomb. Can We Fix It? - YouTube

reinforced concrete has one dark secret, RUST, which we're taking a look at in this video, alongside multiple other problems. Is there a way to use concrete in better ways?

Owens Corning PINKBAR+ 0.5-in x 20-ft Fiberglass #4 Rebar in the Rebar department at

Fiberglas™ Rebar | Owens Corning

Leave the rust and weight of traditional steel behind for a lighter weight, stronger, rustproof concrete reinforcement.

Designed with DOTs (Department of Transportation), engineers and contractors in mind, Fiberglas™ Rebar by Owens Corning Infrastructure Solutions is setting a new bar in concrete reinforcement.

PINKBAR® Fiberglas™ Rebar vs. Steel

Fiberglass Rebar – also known as FRP, GFRP or Composite Rebar – is a more durable, proven and successful reinforcing alternative to steel.


2X the tensile strength compared to steel


Up to 7x lighter in concrete flatwork applications

4x lighter compared to the same size diameter


Fiberglass rebar will never rust, enabling more durable structures

AI On Your Local Machine: LLM Embeddings

Generate LLM Embeddings On Your Local Machine - YouTube



ollama/ollama: Get up and running with Llama 3, Mistral, Gemma, and other large language models. @GitHub

ollama run llama3

4.7 GB download, it works with 32GB RAM

NeuralNine (NeuralNine) @GitHub

NeuralNine (NeuralNine) / Repositories