Wednesday, August 18, 2021

AWS vs Azure vs GCP: 2021 Cloud Report by Cockroach Labs, HarhiCorp

2021 Cloud Report by Cockroach Labs

Comparing AWS vs Azure vs GCP

  • GCP had the best overall performance across the set of microbenchmarks and achieved the best raw throughput on the OLTP benchmark, Cockroach Labs Derivative TPC-C.
  • Arguably surpassing AWS for the first time, Azure’s ultra disks stood out in the storage I/O experiment.
  • Finally, AWS offered the most cost efficient machine on the OLTP benchmark, Cockroach Labs Derivative TPC-C.

The 2021 Cloud Report runs over 1,000 microbenchmark tests to evaluate CPU, network, storage, and TPC-C performance. We want to help others understand the performance and cost tradeoffs of each cloud and its machines.
  • 54 machines evaluated
  • 1,000+ tests run
  • 4 benchmarks implemented
  • 12 performance categories compared
What's inside the 2021 Cloud Report?
  • CPU performance benchmarks
  • Network performance benchmarks
  • Storage I/O performance
  • OLTP performance
  • Analysis of advanced vs general purpose disks
  • Insights into CPU processors

AWS: 88%, Microsoft Azure: 74%, Google Cloud: 61%