Saturday, February 21, 2015

Music to Code By (for "Flow" / "Zone")

Music to Code By by Carl Franklin

3 x 25 min ("pomodoro size")

Oracle Software in Silicon Cloud ?

While most of "industry" is moving to many ARM based (and Intel low-power chips)
Oracle/Sun is custom designing chips for in-memory database optimization...
What "Cloud" has to do with this?
Oracle's recent effort to become "cloud ready", so it is marketing...

Oracle Software in Silicon Cloud

video: Oracle Streams Search Page

Microsoft is testing alternative hardware improvement for Azure "cloud,"
where a custom programmable co-processor can significantly
improve speed of a server for dedicated purpose: web, database, etc.
Ushering in the Era of Programmable Hardware | Microsoft Research Luminaries | Channel 9

How to stream local video to Chromecast

How to stream local video to Chromecast? - All About Chromecast
"It is simple. In the address bar... type file://c:/path/yourvideo.mp4 
Once the video is played in Chrome browser, you can sent it to TV through Chromecast using the Google cast extension.

For Google Cast extension, you can set the quality to High (720p) or Extreme (720p high bitrate) to get a reasonable video quality on a full HD TV."

​IoT, containers, API: Canonical, Amazon, Microsoft...

​Canonical partners with Amazon, Microsoft, and others on Internet of Things | ZDNet:
"Maybe Microsoft does love Linux! Canonical, the company behindUbuntu Linux, announced this week that both Microsoft and Amazon have agreed to publish their Internet of Things (IoT) application programming interfaces (APIs) on Ubuntu Core.

Canonical wants Ubuntu Core to become the operating system for the IoT. Ubuntu Core, like CoreOS and Red Hat's Project Atomic, uses a lightweight Linux server to support containers. Unlike the others, which are pointed exclusively for the data-center and the cloud, Canonical also sees Ubuntu Core as being ideal for devices as well."


How about mobile phones and desktops? 
This is where containers would be very useful, in particular for security, portability and efficiency.