Tuesday, April 11, 2017

JSON Data in SQL Server 2016

Cutting Edge - Query JSON Data in SQL Server 2016 @ MSDN Magazine

Results of a JSON Query

Hosted Web Apps for UWP

UWP Apps - Develop Hosted Web Apps for UWP @ MSDN Magazine

"The Project Westminster bridge enables Web developers to bring their responsive Web applications to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) by leveraging existing code (see the “Project Westminster in a Nutshell” Windows Developer blog post at bit.ly/2jyhVQo). The idea of this “bridge” is to help reuse existing Web site code and add a layer for UWP-specific code to form the integration points of the Web app with an underlying Windows platform."

Docker and Windows Server Containers

MSDN Magazine April 2017, an inside story by one of key people for Windows Virtualization:

Containers - Bringing Docker To Windows Developers with Windows Server Containers

Comparing the Basic Architecture of Containers and Docker Across Windows and Linux

Containers - Modernizing Traditional .NET Apps with Docker