Sunday, May 01, 2022

Book: text => audio, video: "Terraform in Action"

An interesting "experiment" of publishing same book in 3 different "formats": ebook + audio => video

Both "video" and "audio" are interesting, while really lacking good usability

While audio works well for "prose", a technology book does need "illustrations" and "code", so that is almost non-strarter

The video is a reasonable "text to speech" solution, but it feels "constrained" by not being able to see more than one snipped at a time. 

A "notebook" or even plain e-book augmented with with auto text-to-speech may be much more usable solution.

One more side note: the "professional reader" of book's text does not work very well here.
A video class / lecture has an engaged author explaining concepts, and is usually effective.
A "human reader" is two steps detached from the original context, less effective for learning.

 Terraform in Action e-book @ O'Reilly Learning

Terraform in Action video edition

Terraform in Action audiobook

Terraform in Action @ Manning

GoLang => JavaScript

gopherjs/gopherjs: A compiler from Go to JavaScript for running Go code in a browser

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matthewmueller/joy: A delightful Go to Javascript compiler (ON HOLD)

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