Monday, May 20, 2024

WebGL: Warp Speed

Warp Speed

"Travel through the galaxy in the company of a shimmering spaceship and enjoy the view" in this stunning Pen from Matthias Hurrle.

The CodePen Spark

AI HW stocks: NVidia++

most of modern AI systems run on NVIDIA HW
So Nvidia stock is surging, and along with it a few related providers.

GET IN EARLY! Top 4 Stocks I'm Buying Thanks to OpenAI GPT-4o - YouTube
by Ticker Symbol YOU

  • Micron Tech: MU stock
  • Applied Materials: AMAT stock 
  • Taiwan Semiconductors: TSMC
  • ASML stock

Expected global AI market growth: 12x in next 8 years
= 36%/year = 3x S&P500
SW+Services: 75%; HW: 25%