Saturday, April 01, 2017

book: Making Ideas Happen

podcast interview:
#192: Scott Belsky—Making Ideas Happen | EntreLeadership


Making Ideas Happen - 99U
"Generating new ideas is easy, it's executing that is hard. Whether it's an everyday problem or a bold new concept, you must transform vision into reality for an idea to have value.

In Making Ideas Happen, Behance founder Scott Belsky chronicles the process behind the legendary teams at Disney, IDEO, and Google — as well as individuals like John Maeda, Seth Godin, and Chris Anderson — to share tried-and-true methods for overcoming the obstacles between vision and reality."

TEDxPugetSound - Scott Belsky - Making Ideas Happen - YouTube

cloud: Amazon Lightsail @AWS vs DigitalOcean

Amazon Lightsail: Simple Virtual Private Servers on AWS

Virtual private servers made easy. Starting at $5 per month.
(for Linux, 512 MB Memory, 1 Core Processor,  20 GB SSD Disk, 1 TB Transfer*)

$10/mon = 1 GB Memory, 1 Core Processor, 30 GB SSD Disk, 2 TB Transfer*

EXACT same price as 

cloud SaaS: Nugget Startup Incubator & Community

mentioned on .Net Rocks podcast

Nugget Startup Incubator & Community
"Show and tells. Bi-Weekly webinars. Live mentoring. Kick ass Community.

Show and tell log of a professional building a live SaaS business. Starting from choosing the idea, through creating $5k+/mrr.

Bi-Weekly webinars focused on the hard-core detail behind validating, marketing, drip campaigns, conversion tactics etc."

Nodal: API web server for Node.js

Nodal — API Services Made Easy With Node.js

"Nodal is a web server for Node.js, optimized for building API services quickly and efficiently."

Color of the Sun: White (not Yellow)
Sun is essentially all colors mixed together, which appear to our eyes as white.
bar graph of solar spectrum  photo of Sun from ISS; Sun is white

different chart of EM spectrum

What is the Actual Color of The Sun? » Science ABC
"The light emitted by the Sun is actually white, which is a composite of all the visible frequencies of light... The reason that the Sun looks yellow to us is because of Earth’s atmosphere. The earth’s atmosphere scatters away light in the blue, indigo and violet wavelength region, while higher wavelength colors, like red, orange and yellow are less easily scattered. These remaining wavelengths are what we see, which is why the Sun appears yellow."

Sun Flare

IoT cloud tool: Device Explorer

azure-iot-sdk-csharp/tools/DeviceExplorer at master · Azure/azure-iot-sdk-csharp

StdLib: micro-services, server-less, cloud tool

StdLib — Function as a Service Software Library

 A Standard Library for Microservices (AWS only)

stdlib, Nodal, NtSeq, and the Future of FaaS - MS Dev Show Podcast

An idea suggested during podcast: using alternative protocol for microservices besides HTTP
Maybe Protocol Buffers?

Protocol Buffers  |  Google Developers

Protobuf - Alternative to REST for Microservices — Dev9

IoT 2G: Orange Pi: Cheap Linux Computer + Cellular Modem

Orange Pi 2G-IoT — A Cheap Linux Computer With Cellular Modem Is Now Available - Online Shopping for Electronics, Fashion, Home & Garden, Toys & Sports, Automobiles and more
US $9.90

Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2017

nice visualization of data, and interesting trends

Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2017
Historical Languages

Developer Role and Gender

Open Source Licenses (& Microsoft April 1st)

Choosing an Open Source License @ GitHub


Open source license descriptions and metadata @ GitHub

Microsoft Goes Completely Open Source — Grab All Its Software And Source Code For Free

Microsoft Closes Its Open Source Code Hosting Service CodePlex, Asks Devs To Move To GitHub
microsoft loves github

Google Code
In 2016 the service was shut down

Universe is a Quantum Simulation on 41.14159265359

Dr. Amish Patel: The Universe is a Simulation and I Have the Proof
@ Singularity one on one

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Wikipedia