Saturday, September 08, 2018

Google replacement for the URLs?

Google engineers are working on a replacement for the URL - TechSpot

Google Developers Blog: Transitioning Google URL Shortener to Firebase Dynamic Links

Firebase Dynamic Links | Deep link potential users to the right place inside your app  |  Firebase

Create Dynamic Links  |  Firebase

Share your App content smoothly using Firebase Dynamic Links

What are Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL) and how to Integrating it into your App | ZulWeb

cloud clients: Chrome Enterprise

After taking over many schools with simple to manage ChromeOS powered Chromebook devices, Google is now extending this to businesses... This may be a real treat to Windows in particular in SMBs.

Chrome Security - Chrome for Businesses

"Protect users and data with Google Chrome Enterprise — built for working in the cloud. Chrome Enterprise gives employees secure, instant access to cloud-based data, apps, and services while keeping your business a step ahead of emerging threats."

GopherCon 2018, GoLang 2

Opening keynote: Go with Versions - GopherConSG 2018 - YouTube

to help move from "Programming" to "Software Engineering"

GopherCon SG 2018 - YouTube

GopherCon 2018

Go 2 Gets off the Blocks: Feedback Requested on New Package Management, Error Handling, and Generics @ InfoQ

"At Gophercon 2018, Russ Cox explained what will go into Go 2, including error handling and generics, and gave a preview of what the current proposals for the new features look like."