Saturday, September 08, 2018

Google replacement for the URLs?

Google engineers are working on a replacement for the URL - TechSpot

"DNS servers have been helping us get to websites almost effortlessly for decades now, but Google thinks its time for change. It says URLs have become to complicated and unwieldy and are easily exploited by phishing schemes. It wants to introduce something new, but it's not quite ready to reveal just what that is yet."

Google Developers Blog: Transitioning Google URL Shortener to Firebase Dynamic Links

Firebase Dynamic Links | Deep link potential users to the right place inside your app  |  Firebase

Create Dynamic Links  |  Firebase

Share your App content smoothly using Firebase Dynamic Links

cloud clients: Chrome Enterprise

After taking over many schools with simple to manage ChromeOS powered Chromebook devices, Google is now extending this to businesses... This may be a real treat to Windows in particular in SMBs.

Chrome Security - Chrome for Businesses

"Protect users and data with Google Chrome Enterprise — built for working in the cloud. Chrome Enterprise gives employees secure, instant access to cloud-based data, apps, and services while keeping your business a step ahead of emerging threats."

GopherCon 2018, GoLang 2

Opening keynote: Go with Versions - GopherConSG 2018 - YouTube

to help move from "Programming" to "Software Engineering"

GopherCon SG 2018 - YouTube

GopherCon 2018

Go 2 Gets off the Blocks: Feedback Requested on New Package Management, Error Handling, and Generics @ InfoQ

"At Gophercon 2018, Russ Cox explained what will go into Go 2, including error handling and generics, and gave a preview of what the current proposals for the new features look like."