Monday, December 30, 2013

Leadership Tips From Ford CEO Alan Mulally

6 Leadership Tips From Ford CEO Alan Mulally - Yahoo Finance:
  • Have a Vision
  • Don't Just Have a Vision: Have a Plan to Implement It
  • When Problems Arise, Disclose Them
  • Involve People
  • Succession Plan
  • Sense of History
Can Alan Mulally save Ford? - May. 11, 2009 @ Fortune magazine
"I arrive here, and the first day I say, 'Let's go look at the product lineup.' 
And they lay it out, and I said, 'Where's the Taurus?' 
They said, 'Well, we killed it.' I said, 'What do you mean, you killed it?'
'Well, we made a couple that looked like a football. They didn't sell very well, so we stopped it.'
'You stopped the Taurus?' I said.
'How many billions of dollars does it cost to build brand loyalty around a name?'
'Well, we thought it was so damaged that we named it the Five Hundred.'
I said, 'Well, you've got until tomorrow to find a vehicle to put the Taurus name on because that's why I'm here. Then you have two years to make the coolest vehicle that you can possibly make.'