Tuesday, December 14, 2021

EVs: Toyota

Toyota has unveiled more than a dozen electric vehicles it plans to build, including a pickup truck.

It's part of Toyota's $70 billion investment into green vehicles and technology.

Making Python Faster, by optimizations & with .NET JIT

Episode #339 Making Python Faster with Guido and Mark - [Talk Python To Me Podcast]

Guido van Rossum: @gvanrossum
Mark Shannon: linkedin.com
Faster Python Plan: github.com/faster-cpython
The “Shannon Plan”: github.com/markshannon
Sam Gross's nogil work: docs.google.com
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Episode transcripts: talkpython.fm

faster-cpython/plan.md at master · markshannon/faster-cpython

The overall aim is to speed up CPython by a factor of (approximately) five. We aim to do this in four distinct stages, each stage increasing the speed of CPython by (approximately) 50%.

1.5**4 ≈ 5

Each stage will be targetted at a separate release of CPython. A faster schedule is possible, but we believe that predictable and reliable performance improvements are more important than squeezing out the maximum performance for each release. Of course delays in software development are all too common, so a release might need to be skipped.

Pyjion is a drop-in JIT compiler for Python 3.10. Pyjion uses the power of the .NET 6 cross-platform JIT compiler to optimize Python code on the fly, with NO changes to your source code required. It runs on Linux, macOS, and Windows, x64 and ARM64.

Anthony on Twitter: @anthonypjshaw
Pyjion: github.com
Restarting Pyjion Presentation: youtube.com
Hathi: SQL host scanner and dictionary attack tool: github.com
Try Pyjion online: trypyjion.com
Pyjion optimizations: readthedocs.io
Pyjion docs: readthedocs.io
.NET: dotnet.microsoft.com
PEP 523: python.org
Pydantic validation decorator: helpmanual.io
Tortoise ORM: github.com
pypy: pypy.org
Numba: numba.pydata.org
NGen AOT Compiler: microsoft.com
Watch this episode on YouTube: youtube.com

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