Monday, March 05, 2012

Udacity @ New York Times

MOOCs, Large Courses Open to All, Topple Campus Walls -

Welcome to the brave new world of Massive Open Online Courses — known as MOOCs — a tool for democratizing higher education. While the vast potential of free online courses has excited theoretical interest for decades, in the past few months hundreds of thousands of motivated students around the world who lack access to elite universities have been embracing them as a path toward sophisticated skills and high-paying jobs, without paying tuition or collecting a college degree.

Mercedes invisible car

Mercedes unveils invisible car -- literally -

"The German automaker is marketing their new F-Cell vehicle as so environmentally-friendly, it's invisible to the environment. To drive the point home, they covered the hydrogen-powered minivan with LED panels and then attached a DSLR to shoot video from the other side. The effect creates the illusion that the zero-emissions car is invisible."