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ASP.NET Core: TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks

Round 12 results - TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks

aspnet/benchmarks: Benchmarks for ASP.NET 5 @ GitHub

Talking Core with Scott Hunter - .NET Rocks! vNext

Benchmarking .NET code - Scott Hanselman

ASP.NET Core – 2300% More Requests Served Per Second | Age Of Ascent
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Alpine Linux

Alpine Linux.svg

Alpine Linux - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Alpine Linux is a Linux distribution based on musl and BusyBox, primarily designed for "power users who appreciate security, simplicity and resource efficiency".

Size: the base system in Alpine Linux is designed to be only 4–5 MB in size (excluding the kernel).[citation needed] This allows very small Linux containers around 8 MB in size, while a minimal install to disk might be around 130 MB.[2] The Linux kernel is much larger; the 3.18.16 kernel includes 121 MB of loadable kernel modules (primarily drivers) in addition to the 3.3 MB for the base x86-64 kernel image"

alpine-3.3.3-x86_64.iso (83MB)

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book: Grit = Passion + Perseverance

Grit Book Cover

Grit by Angela Duckworth | Brian Johnson

Grit by Angela Duckworth - YouTube
review by Brian Johnson

  • Grit = Passion + Perseverance
    (West Point "beast barracks")
  • Talent * Effort = Skills
    Skills * Effort = Achievement
  • Gritty Passion: passion that endures, ultimate concern
  • Grow Grit
    • from inside out
    • from outside in (i.e. parenting)
  • Psichological Assets:
    • Interest
    • Practice
    • Purpose (service)
    • Hope
  • Wise Parenting (from Latin, "to bring forth" potential in children)
    • +Warmth +Standards= Supportive
    • -Warmth +Standards= Authoritative
    • +Warmth -Standards = Permisive
    • -Warmth -Standards = Neglect
Angela Duckworth: "Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance" | Talks at Google - YouTube
Talent is important (a speed of acquiring new skills),
but without perseverance does not help finish what is started.

Spirit of Kaizen, contiguous improvement, (directed) deliberate practice:

  • Extremely Intentional (very specific goals, problem solving)
  • 100% Focus (practicing with great effort)
  • Feedback, ideally immediate and information rich
  • Reflect and refinement, and try again

TEDxBlue - Angela Lee Duckworth, Ph.D - 10/18/09 - YouTube

Grit Scale - Android Apps on Google Play

IoT, Microsoft: Open Translators to Things (OpenT2T)

Open Translators to Things (OpenT2T) | Seth Juarez | Channel 9

"Jean Paoli and Taqi Jaffri chat about the Internet of Things and the new open sourceOpen Translators to Things project (alpha version). Check out the code on GitHub, read the blog and participate!"

"An Open Source project to translate common IoT schemas to specific hardware devices.
Any platform. Protocol Independent. Runs on Devices, Gateways or Cloud. Home or Industry.
When similar hardware devices are translated to the same schema, Apps, Cloud rule engines and Voice assistants can target common schemas to provide consistent and delightful experiences.

Introductory Blog Post
"Example of translation code snippets intended for reading the temperature from three different devices:

LM35 temperature sensor probe (adapted from here):
tempCC = (5.0 * reading(tempPin) * 100.0) / 1024.0

TMP36 temperature probe (adapted from here):
tempC = (5.0 * reading(tempPin) - 0.5) * 100

Directly from a 10K Ohm Thermistor on a custom breadboard (adapted from here)
tempC = log(((10240000/ reading(tempPin)) - 10000))
tempC = 1 / (0.001129148 + (0.000234125 + (0.0000000876741 * tempC ^ 2)) * tempC )
tempC = temp - 273.15"

Fork on GitHub

Google GigaPixel Art Camera

Google made an insanely high-res camera to preserve great works of art | The Verge

Google Cultural Institute