Tuesday, May 31, 2016

book list: hack.summit() 2016

Must Reads from hack.summit() 2016 — Medium

TypeScript 2: end of 'null' and 'undefined'

Authors of TypeScript are determined to 'fix' '$ billion' error of adding 'null' to programming languages by replacing them with better features...

Anders Hejlsberg on TypeScript 2 | Seth Juarez | Channel 9

TypeScript blog @ MSDN

TypeScript - JavaScript that scales.

TypeScript 2.0 Preview @ InfoQ

Null References: The Billion Dollar Mistake @ InfoQ
"Tony Hoare introduced Null references in ALGOL W back in 1965 “simply because it was so easy to implement”, says Mr. Hoare. He talks about that decision considering it “my billion-dollar mistake”."