Sunday, September 15, 2013

Device to Cloud, Hands-On (Microsoft 'Devices & Services')

Device to Cloud, Hands-On. Part 1: Prototyping Platforms | Subscribe! | Channel 9
"Arduino, Gadgeteer, Netduino, Android ADK, Seeedstudio Grove, and Raspberry Pi. "

It is likely that Microsoft's "Devices & Services Company" strategy is "inspired" by Apple and Google.
High-end devices are fairly profitable (for Apple at least),
and with Google undermining price of software (can't beat free),
online services are a relatively safe bet...

For enthusiasts there are now many choices for DIY gadgets...
That may not be Microsoft's business strategy,
but sure is interesting...

book: ‘How to Create a Mind' by Ray Kurzweil

#25. A Summary of ‘How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed’ by Ray Kurzweil | New Books in Brief

A nice explanation how human brain works with hierarchy of abstract concepts and pattern recognition,
that enable solving complex situations.

With enough computing power, that could be emulated with AI.
Ray is now working with/for Google, so computing power may be available...

Singularity may be coming :)

Abandoned Mansion$ in Desert

Economic Collapse Seen Through Aerial Photos of Abandoned Mansions | Raw File |

"Roma Hills homes and foreclosed Obsidian Mountain develpment, Ascaya lots beyond. Henderson, NV 2012."
$250 million spent for terraformation, wasted.

A crazy world. Why would somebody terraform desert hills in Nevada?
Same as expanding Las Vegas, or making artificial islands in Dubai: money and energy.
Gambling on making money, while using enormous amounts of energy...

Many times such gambles fail, and money and energy gets wasted..