Saturday, January 26, 2019

IoT: Ubuntu Core

Ubuntu Core doubles down on Internet of Things | ZDNet

"Ubuntu Core, with an image size of 260MB, is the smallest Ubuntu Linux release to date. This makes it ideal both for IoT devices and cloud containers."
Alpine Linux - Wikipedia

"The base system in Alpine Linux is designed to be only 4–5 MB in size (excluding the kernel).[citation needed] This allows very small Linux containers, around 8 MB in size, while a minimal installation to disk might be around 130 MB.[7] The Linux kernel is much larger; the 3.18.16 kernel includes 121 MB of loadable kernel modules (primarily drivers) in addition to the 3.3 MB for the base x86-64 kernel image."
LEAF Project - Wikipedia

"The LEAF Project (Linux Embedded Appliance Framework Project) is a collection of Linux distributions that began as a fork from the Linux Router Project (LRP) "linux-on-a-floppy" distribution."