Sunday, October 15, 2017

Edge Browser Can Read EPUB eBooks

ePub format is in essence a zip of HTML web files. Simple enough.
Still, most of ePub readers are not quite optimal...
I just randomly "discovered" that Edge can read ePub, quite well.
including text-to-speech!

Microsoft Edge Browser Can Read EPUB eBooks
"Microsoft is going to be unveiling their first large scale digital bookstore sometime in the next few months. They are going to be populating it with over one million titles and will have a dedicated editorial staff to curate seasonal themes. Instead of developing an e-reading app, Microsoft is going to upgrade the EDGE internet browser with full support for EPUB."

ML: NumPy vs. Theano vs. TensorFlow (GPU matters)

Using GPU is essential for performance of some/many ML/AI algorithms...

Linear Algebra Shootout: NumPy vs. Theano vs. TensorFlow
(less time is better)

link from:
Sydney Region with Andrew Walker and Graham Polley | Google Cloud Platform Podcast

in the same podcasts there is indication that using GCP "serverless / services" is much less costly than AWS IaaS. While  this is comparing "apples and oranges", they are both fruits :)
Azure push for PaaS suggest that enterprises prefer using services than managing IaaS.

Google Cloud Platform Blog: How we built a brand new bank on GCP and Cloud Spanner: Shine