Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Internet of Things (IoT) | Mouser

The Internet of Things (IoT) | Mouser:

Intel Internet of Things Graphic

IoT: Graphene And The Internet of Things

Cloud Infographic - Graphene And The Internet of Things -

European Union’s Future and Emerging Technologies or FET announced its $2.3 billion grant. The mission of the program was to enhance new technological solutions based on graphene.


How Apple Pay works

Clover Developers Blog: How Apple Pay works and why it matters for developers:

Apple - iPhone 6 - Apple Pay

Google Knowledge Vault

Google Knowledge Vault:
"Google works on supplementing Knowledge Graph with a new database called Knowledge Vault. While Knowledge Graph uses information from a list of trusted sources, Knowledge Vault gathers data from the entire Web."

Google's 'Knowledge Vault' seeks the answer to life, the universe and everything @ engadget

KDD Retro: Google Knowledge Vault and Topic Modeling — URX Blog

tool: RunSwift - Try Swift in the Browser

RunSwift - Try Swift in the Browser

RunSwift allows you to try Apple's Swift programming language from within the browser. While you cannot import abitrary modules, a small subset of Foundation is included.

MOOC: English course, 100,000 students

BBC News - Online English course attracts 100,000 students:

It is the British Council's first experiment with so-called Moocs, or massive open online courses, which deliver tuition free of charge.

LearnEnglish | British Council

The MOOC Revolution That Wasn’t

The MOOC Revolution That Wasn’t | TechCrunch
"Three years ago this week, Sebastian Thrun recorded his Stanford class on Artificial Intelligence, released it online to a staggering 180,000 students, and started a “revolution in higher education.” 

Soon after, Coursera, Udacity and others promised free access to valuable content, supposedly delivering a disruptive solution that would solve massive student debt and a struggling economy. Since then, over 8 million students have enrolled in their courses.

This year, that revolution fizzled. Only half of those who signed up watched even one lecture, and only 4 percent stayed long enough to complete a course. Further, the audience for MOOCs alreadyhad college degrees so the promise of disrupting higher education failed to materialize."

U2 + iTunes = free :)

U2 Releases First Studio Album in 5 Years at Apple Event — It's Free @ mashable
"In an unconventional music deal, Bono and the band are teaming up with the tech giant to release new material, U2's first studio album in five years. U2 announced the album,Songs of Innocence, Tuesday after performing "The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)." Then, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Bono released it for free on iTunes, only for Apple until October 13."

26 U2 Albums Hit iTunes Top Albums Chart at Once After Apple Stunt
"U2's surprise free album on iTunes was ridiculed by some iPhone users for forcing its way onto their devices this week, but U2 is having the last laugh as the Apple stunt for the band's new Songs of Innocence inspired fans to purchase other U2 titles on iTunes."

U2 - Songs of Innocence 2014 - YouTube