Thursday, November 20, 2014

javascript: The Dojo Toolkit

The Dojo Toolkit - Demos Index:


Dojo Toolkit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Building Web Apps using Dojo with Michael Van Sickle @ .NET Rocks!

Dashboard Examples @ Ducksboard

Dashboard Examples - Ducksboard:

Executive Dashboard

Google’s First Self-Driving Car

The Unknown Start-up That Built Google’s First Self-Driving Car - IEEE Spectrum

img 510 Conor OBrien san francisco

IoT: Smart City Expo World Congress

Smart City Expo World Congress - Cities

Cities worldwide are doing more with less using the Internet of Things - The Fire Hose
IoT, Internet of Things, CityNext, smart cities

Microsoft CityNext

Microsoft 'Lync' => 'Skype for Business'

Goodbye 'Lync,' Hello 'Skype for Business' - Post - No Jitter:
"As of the next release, due out first-half 2015, Microsoft will be offering enterprise communications under the Skype for Business designation."

Pluralsight += Smarterer - $75M

Pluralsight picks up Smarterer, focused on skill tests, for $75 million | BetaBoston: "Pluralsight is announcing that it will acquire Smarterer for $75 million. Not bad for a startup that raised only $4.6 million from investors."

Smarterer Acquired by Pluralsight for $75 Million | BostInno

"Smarterer's technology has grown capable of expertly validating anyone's skills in as few as 10 questions and 120 seconds."

Pluralsight is a great tool, but it may be better of improving its core service than just keep adding (expensive) things...