Sunday, March 24, 2013

JavaScript, HTML5, Web Platfrom

podcast: HTML5, JavaScript, Chrome and the Web Platform with Paul Irish
@ Hanselminutes

Interesting statistics from Google: (web?) developers are using
  • 40% Windows
  • 40% Mac
  • 20% Linux
    Quite high numbers for Mac and Linux...

    Paul Irish created one of most important JavaScript libraries, "Modernizr",
    that along with jQuery enables developing for variety of browsers.

    Modern web (sites and apps) development is done
    by assembling many modules / libraries, most of them open source.
    Modular is good.
    But finding, learning, and putting them together is still a challenge...

    Here is one example of one such system, SPA JumpStart – Architecture
    nicely described as class @ Pluralsite by John Papa

    List of libraries he used:

  • Breeze

  • Q

  • Durandal

  • Sammy.js

  • jQuery

  • Knockout.js

  • Moment.js

  • require.js

  • toastr

  • Twitter Bootstrap

  • Font Awesome

  • This may be a "transition", or it may be a "new normal" for web development.
    Mainstream web developers will likely look for "components"
    that internally may be using modern JavaScript techniques.

    Web Browser (HTML5+CSS3+JavaScript) is becoming a new "terminal",
    and "cloud" a new mainframe...