Tuesday, March 03, 2020

gRPC: Web Performance: HTTP/2 vs HTTP/1.1

HTTP/2 vs HTTP/1.1 - Performance Comparison

HTTP/2 vs HTTP/1 - Performance Comparison?
Page Loading Performance - HTTP/1.1 vs HTTP/2 - YouTube

How to switch to HTTP/2?

The HTTP working group maintains a comprehensive list of implementations of HTTP/2 on different servers. You can upgrade your server, if one is available, to support HTTP/2. For resources that are being loaded from a CDN or a 3rd-party provider, you would need to get in touch with them to upgrade to HTTP/2 if needed.

Amazon CloudFront now supports HTTP/2 (2016)

http2 - How to enable HTTP/2 support in CloudFront using serverless? - Stack Overflow

AWS::CloudFront::Distribution DistributionConfig - AWS CloudFormation
In general, configuring CloudFront to communicate with viewers using HTTP/2 reduces latency.
New – AWS Application Load Balancer | AWS News Blog
Application Load Balancers support ,,, WebSocket and HTTP/2 

gRPC requires HTTP/2

gRPC   gRPC start; gRPC web

grpc/PROTOCOL-HTTP2.md at master · grpc/grpc

REST v. gRPC perf. measured with GoLang

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