Wednesday, August 02, 2023

DevOps => Platform Engineering ?

 Kubernetes Podcast from Google: Platform Engineering with Nicholas Eberts

Links from the interview

Twitter - LinkedIn


- Abdel tweeting about Platform Engineering

"DevOps is dead, long live Platform Engineering" tweet

DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment)

Charity Majors on the Hacking the Org Podcast

Charity Majors on the DevInterrupted Podcast

Open Service Broker

CNCF Landscape

System Initiative

"It’s time to rebuild DevOps
System Initiative is a collaborative power tool designed to remove the papercuts from DevOps work."

DevOps is Bullshit - Massdriver Blog

"You’ve got a DevOps team?

Congrats, that’s not DevOps. I’d wager most of what they are doing is using Terraform and YAML to do menial tasks for the engineering team."

"Platform engineering is possible, and it is the future."