Tuesday, November 29, 2016

AWS re:Invent

AWS re:Invent 2016 | New Products & Services

AWS Monthly Webinar Series - Cloud Computing Education

AWS re:Invent 2016 | Amazon Web Services

"the largest gathering of the global Amazon Web Services community"
AWS re:Invent 2016 Live Stream

Andy Jassy: Amazon's $6 Billion Man - Page: 1 | CRN

AWS announced optional GPU and FPGA for all VMs!

AWS Athena
A new "data analytics" service announced by Amazon AWS re:Invent conference

Amazon Machine Learning

Amazon "Recognition": image recognition service

Amazon "Polly": text to speech service

Amazon "Lex": natural language understanding (from Alexa)

AWS "Step Function": visual state machine workflows on top of Lambda Functions

Amazon launches Amazon AI to bring its machine learning smarts to developers | TechCrunch

In the Works – VMware Cloud on AWS | AWS Blog

AWS "Snowball Edge" 100 TB appliance with

AWS "Snowmobile" container & truck, 100 PB of data

Here’s everything AWS will announce today | TechCrunch

AWS cheat sheet: Here are the key re:Invent announcements to know about today - GeekWire

AWS announces FPGA instances for its EC2 cloud computing service | TechCrunch

AWS goes after Oracle with new PostgresSQL support in Aurora | TechCrunch

AWS Snowmobile – Move Exabytes of Data to the Cloud in Weeks | AWS Blog

Amazon reveals AWS Snowmobile, a 45-foot semi-trailer that moves exabytes of data to the cloud - GeekWire

comparing cloud providers: AWS, Azure, GCP

How to Compare AWS vs Azure vs Google vs SoftLayer

Cloud Comparison | RightScale

"FREE USAGE TIER: New Customers get free usage tier for first 12 months"
Try, experiment, and learn—for free. Plus, get $25 in Azure credit every month for one year.

So technically can run a VM for free for a year, both on AWS and Azure!

Git-it Guide

Git-it Guide

"Step-by-step instructions for each of the challenges in the Git-it workshop.

This guide comes with Git-it when you install it so it works offline and you can use it as a resource at anytime (see the instructions when you select a challenge in terminal)"

some solutions for problems with Git