Sunday, December 11, 2016

Azure Training & Certification @ edX

Good, free training
Interesting: "powered by edX on Microsoft Azure" but videos are hosted on YouTube

Microsoft Rolls Out New Azure Skills Training, Certification for Partners
Microsoft is making six courses available immediately:
Another six will follow over the next few weeks.
Expect to hear about additional learning opportunities over the next few months.

Microsoft also is investing in a variety of technical training, tools and resources, including the Microsoft Virtual Academy, the Cloud + Enterprise University Boot Camps, and the Microsoft Professional Program, to name a few.

"by 2020 the idea that a company has “no cloud" would be as rare as a “no internet" policy is today"

Azure Notebooks: F# + Jupyter Notebooks (!)

Azure Notebooks now support F# | The Visual Studio Blog for Azure Notebooks.ipynb

Create an Jupyter/IPython Notebook | Microsoft Docs


Microsoft announces support for F# language in Azure Notebooks - MSPoweruser

Introducing Jupyter Notebooks in Azure ML Studio | Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog

Microsoft brings F# to Jupyter Notebooks on Azure | InfoWorld