Saturday, July 14, 2012

aspConf 2012 @ Microsoft Channel 9

aspConf 2012 | Channel 9

aspConf is a virtual conference focused on one thing: showcasing the ASP.NET stack as the platform for great web applications. We've revamped the popular mvcConf conference to serve all of ASP.NET, Windows Azure, the MS Web Platform and the community as a whole.

aspConf will be broadcasting live on July 17 2012 starting at 8:30AM PST (11:30 EST)

keynotes from Scott Guthrie and Scott Hanselman.

The Amazon Economy

The Amazon Economy | On Point with Tom Ashbrook

Amazon has quietly become the back end of a huge number of businesses on and offline. Amazon takes their orders, warehouses their stock. Amazon ships what you buy – from them. Its infrastructure is ginormous. Its next target: same-day delivery. It may be the knock-out blow for physical retail as we’ve known it.

Apparently, Amazon already has about 30+ huge distribution centers,
in some but not all US states. They have to apply sales tax only if they
"have presence" in the state, and apparently avoiding this for remaining states
is becoming increasingly difficult.

As a good business, Amazon is taking this challenge to their advantage,
planning to have even more warehouses closer to buyers,
and enabling even faster delivery: same say.

Detailed investigation at is becoming an "infrastructure" of the economy.

The low prices are not free, since working condition in warehouses are not great,
many popular affordable products are imported, and while it is easy to become
one of large number of sellers on Amazon (2+ million!) there is no sustainable advantage.

The Go Programming Language

The Go Programming Language

There is already a book about new language from Google, "Go".

Go is a new programming language focused on speed, safety, and simplicity. It blends a C-like syntax-including curly braces-with automatic garbage collection and new features designed specifically for concurrency.

Go comes with numerous high-quality libraries, and its compile speed is blazingly fast, even on lightweight hardware.

Go is primarily sponsored by Google, but it's used at companies like Canonical and Heroku.

And there are already two compilers for the Go language,

and there is also interactive online "playground" ("REPL")