Friday, May 24, 2024

EV: Kia EV3

NEW Kia EV3: The One We’ve Been Waiting For? - YouTube

2026 Kia EV3: What We Know So Far @ CarAndDriver

See Exterior Photos of the 2026 Kia EV3

The Kia EV3 is small but shares an undeniable family resemblance to the larger EV9. A base model and a GT-Line version will both be available. The EV3 will offer an 81.4-kWh battery and 350 miles of range.

serious fun about AI

Jerry Seinfeld | Duke's 2024 Commencement Address - YouTube

"...AI, ... is the most embarrassing thing
we've ever invented in mankind's time on Earth.

Oh, so you can't do the work?
Is that what you're telling me? You can't figure it out.

This seems to be the justification of AI - I couldn't do it.
This is something to be embarrassed about.
The ad campaign for ChatGPT GPT should be the opposite of Nike.
You just can't do it.

Making fake brains is risky.

Frankenstein proved that he was so dumb
he thought a monster needed a sport jacket...

What I like is we're smart enough to invent it and dumb enough to need it.
And still so stupid we can't figure out if we did the right thing.
Making work easier.
This is the problem.

So obsessed with getting to the answer,
completing the project, producing a result which are all valid things,
but not where the richness of the human experience lies.
The only two things you ever need to pay attention to in
life are work and love..."

plus similar, with LLM quote :)

I Gave A Commencement Speech! - YouTube by Marques Brownlee, NJ, tech-YouTuber


Chart.js | Open source HTML5 Charts for your website
Simple yet flexible JavaScript charting library for the modern web

MIT license

popular: 3+M downloads/week

Chart.js - Wikipedia

Chart.js is a free, open-source JavaScript library for data visualization, which supports eight chart types: bar, line, area, pie (doughnut), bubble, radar, polar, and scatter. Created by London-based web developer Nick Downie in 2013, now it is maintained by the community and is the second most popular JavaScript charting library on GitHub by the number of stars after D3.js, considered significantly easier to use though less customizable than the latter. Chart.js renders in HTML5 canvas and is widely covered as one of the best data visualization libraries. It is available under the MIT license