Sunday, November 05, 2017

cloud: Cray Supercomputers @Azure

Cray Supercomputers are coming to Azure | Blog | Microsoft Azure
"Customers can get a dedicated Cray XC or CS series supercomputers in Azure to run HPC and AI applications alongside their other cloud workloads directly on the Azure network."
Microsoft acquires Cycle Computing to accelerate Big Computing in the cloud - The Official Microsoft Blog

Cray Supercomputing in the Microsoft Azure Cloud - Cray

Azure Podcast Episode 202 - Cloud Shell

cloud: VMware @AWS "SDDC"

This is a fully managed service provided by VMware, hosted on AWS.
Optimal for "lift and shift" migration to public cloud,
and when hosted there has fast access to AWS services.

For those using Microsoft management tools migration to Azure is already easy.
Still the VM images on Azure are not identical to those on premise.

Amazon Web Services and VMware
"VMware Cloud on AWS brings VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) to the AWS Cloud... VMware Cloud on AWS is delivered, sold, and supported by VMware as an on-demand, elastically-scalable cloud service that removes barriers to cloud migration and cloud portability, increases IT efficiency, and opens up new opportunities for you to leverage a hybrid cloud environment."
AWS Podcast | Listen & Learn About AWS

GCP: Cloud IoT Core

Google Cloud Platform has a new service Cloud IoT Core.
Interesting, AMQP protocol is not supported (yet). 

Cloud IoT Core with Indranil Chakraborty and Gabe Weiss | Google Cloud Platform Podcast

Cloud IoT Core  |  Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud IoT - Fully managed IoT services from Google  |  Google Cloud Platform

Protocols  |  Google Cloud Internet of Things Core  |  Google Cloud Platform
"Cloud IoT Core supports two protocols for device connection and communication: MQTT and HTTP. Devices communicate with Cloud IoT Core across a "bridge" — either the MQTT bridge or the HTTP bridge. When you create a device registry, you select protocols to enable: MQTT, HTTP, or both."