Thursday, December 01, 2016

.NET Tizen Developent

Tizen is a Linux based OS used on some Samsung phones and other devices.
Samsung has ported .NET Core and Xamarin studio to support that platform.

Tizen .NET Developer Preview | Tizen
"Samsung joins the Microsoft .NET community enabling C# developers to build applications for Samsung Tizen devices Samsung collaborates with Microsoft on open source projects to enable .NET support for Tizen, which currently powers 50 million Samsung devices around the world"

Preview | Tizen Developers

Introduction to Tizen SDK | Tizen
"A Tizen application is based on the standard web technology such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, and W3C widget packaging. With the support of rich Tizen Device API and Web UI framework, developers can create variety of applications which run in multiple devices. So, traditional web developers can leverage their knowledge in developing Tizen applications which utilize native device features."
Tizen Developers | An open source, standards-based software platform for multiple device categories.

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