Friday, December 25, 2015

free ebook: ‘Future Visions’

The book is free, but it is protected by book stores and apps.
Web site would be much more convenient and popular...

‘Future Visions’ anthology brings together science fiction – and science fact | News Center
Future Visions
"Original Science Fiction Stories Inspired by Microsoft
is an anthology of short stories written by some of today’s greatest science fiction authors.
These visionary stories explore prediction science, quantum computing, real-time translation, machine learning, and much more. The contributing authors were inspired by inside access to leading-edge work, including in-person visits to Microsoft’s research labs, to craft new works that predict the near-future of technology and examine its complex relationship to our core humanity." Future Visions: Original Science Fiction Inspired by Microsoft eBook: Elizabeth Bear, Greg Bear, David Brin, Nancy Kress: Kindle Store

PowerShell Web Access

HTTP(S) is new TCP;
Firewalls and routers block protocols, and then they get around by using web server proxy apps.

Basic installation guide for Windows PowerShell Web Access - Windows PowerShell Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
"Windows PowerShell Web Access is a new feature in Windows Server 2012. It is an IIS application that provides a Windows PowerShell console in a web browser. The IIS application acts as a gateway between the web browser and the machines that you can connect to in your environment. These machines should have Windows PowerShell remoting enabled."

Windows PowerShell Web Access diagram

Angular Material (Web Design Controls)

Angular Material 1.0 Is Here

"Angular Material is a set of 32 UI components representing the reference implementation of the Google Material Design specification and usable in AngularJS single-page applications. This version targets AngularJS 1.x and requires at least AngularJS 1.3.x to run.

Angular Material contains the usual UI elements - Button, Checkbox, Icon, List, Menu, and others -, but also more complex ones, such as Card, Datepicker, Speed Dial, FAB Toolbar, Grid List orVirtual Repeat, the latest reusing the visible rows in a list for performance reasons to deal with a large amount of data. The library includes a set of AngularJS directives for creating responsive layouts based on Flexbox."